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Top 5 Things Not To Do on Facebook For a Business

Not To Do in Facebook

With over 250million people logging into Facebook each day, your business can take advantage of these free resources in getting more clients from social media. Facebook being free is the fastest growing social network that can grow your business within just a few months. The right marketing strategy engages with users and helps refer your business to their friends. Here are some tips on what NOT to do on a Facebook Business Page:

  • 1. Create a Profile for Your Business Instead of a Page

    It has been said that Facebook will penalize you for having a business/personal profile, although many companies still have this setup. Business pages have many more features that are valuable like adding an address to a business for local searches. Also, business pages come with integrated analytics so you can cater to specific markets and reach more prospective clients. Business pages allow unlimited amount of likes from users while personal pages cap the amount of friend additions to about 2500 people. Having a business page will help your brand become known locally and worldwide.

  • 2. Allowing Untrustworthy Third-Party Apps to Gain Access to Your Personal Information

    You are the admin of a Facebook business page and want to integrate an app for signup, but you do not know much about that company. Allowing third-party apps for your personal or business pages can be scary and a big no-no. Some of the information they request are simple terms like name and email while others ask for friend list, telephone, etc.

  • 3. Not Updating Your Business Page

    It only takes 5 to 15 minutes to update your business page by creating an article on what is new in the world. You can use sources that are relevant to your business in order to give insights for customers about the industry. For our industry we use Mashable in order to stay up-to-date with the latest tech news. Many older business also never update their address once they move onto another location. Your past, current and future clients want to know how your business is doing.

  • 4. Turning Off Wall Posts for Your Business Page

    Facebook a few months back updated the way business pages looked and one security feature turned off wall posts. In order for users to see your recent news they would need to select themselves to view the recent news versus only seeing highlighted news. This drawback hurt a lot of small business that do not have active accounts nor ever updated this feature.

  • 5. Not Being on Facebook!

    Contact us to jumpstart your business on the social media networks.

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