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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging


Over the past few weeks I’ve come across a large number of business owners in different industries who still do not seem to understand how important business blogging is. I am not talking about writing a business blog article that tells your readers what you did during the lunch hour. As a reader I want to know whats the latest news from your company. It’s easy to share an article from within your industry but I want gossip – from a followers view of your company.

We stand by our motto “Having a responsive website design, is your online business card” because without a website, you do not have time to attract clients and do your daily tasks.Asking for referrals takes too long for a ROI(Return on Investment). Wouldn’t it be better/easier for your website to work for you 24/7? I think so. Call us today (786) 701-9919


The Benefits of Business Blogging



1) It helps drive the right traffic to your website

Would you like to attract more clients to your website and have them fill out a contact form knowing they need you? The reason they know that they need you is simple. You wrote an article about a product or service they had a question on – so they searched and found you on Google. Your website came up on the first page because you hired us to do your online marketing. After reading your beautifully written content, they realize that you answered their question and are ready to contact you. BOOM! New lead for your business. Without writing that article, they would not have found your website.



2) Blogging sharpens your niche

Over 72% of people are searching online every day for you. Put yourself in your potential customers shoes and think. If I was looking for X, where would I search? I am going to search for X in Houston. You recently wrote about the best restaurants in Houston, Texas -> Guess what? Your website just popped up in the search engines. The more your brand writes , the more popular it will become online. The only reason we know celebrities is because of the paparazzi and gossip news. Without this news constantly popping up in Facebook and other social networks, we would not know a celebrity from another. Of course unless they are legends and have starred in over a dozen movies. It’s time to sharpen your sword and reach your prospective clients.



3) You become an expert

By becoming an expert in your industry, you attract attention which results in more traffic to your website. You visit your doctor to get an expert opinion for a pain or ache. You visit your dentist for a tooth ache. You visit your attorney for a legal matter. It’s time for the tables to turn and attract your customer to ask for your service. With competition always popping up we forget, be brand and stand out. Become an expert in your business industry!



4) Blogging on your business boosts productivity

Tony how is this possible. How can spending a few hours writing an article increase my productivity? I don’t even know what to write about. It’s easy, let me show you how:

Search and learn the latest industry trends –> Write your article –> Receive positive feedback from friends, colleagues and clients –> BOOM! Your productivity skyrockets thru the roof.

It has been proven that blogging about your business will keep you emotionally happy. The time you spent thinking, researching and writing all took you out of your comfort zone and into a quiet piece of mind. This new knowledge also inspires you to keep blogging about your business.


5) Strengthen the image of your brand

Before a skyscraper is developed, it goes thru phases from blueprints to building the foundation. Your website is the foundation for your business online. Your business now has a home for the world to see and gets shared with others –> Your online business card.

Search for any brand you respect, love and follow and you will see that they have a website. Always updated with the latest trends following which include responsive website design for mobile and tablet users, signup for newsletters and a way to contact.

If your brand does not have a blog or way to share news articles, we can help. Contact us here. There are many platforms that allow blogging like WordPress.com but will not allow to directly sync with your website. If your website is a few years old, we suggest on spicing up your brand with one of our website design packages or we can help you attach a blog to your current website.

About the Author

Antonio Rivera is the CEO of Stitched Production, LLC. He has been at the company since its inception and has more than a decade of experience helping law firms develop tailored marketing and business plans.


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