Since 2011, Stitched Production has been helping businesses and professionals grow their business with cutting edge Miami website design and online marketing solutions.


Having a well rounded website is the foundation to every business. The website will help you capture more leads and convert them into sales. After the foundation is rock solid, it’s time to dominate the competition with a marketing strategy that is unique to your business. Off the shelf techniques and templates will not get you the results you are after. Think of sports coaches – they always go in prepared for domination.

Take a look at our services and let us know how we can help you dominate the market.


Core Services

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Web Design

What we offer

Today, a business website works 24/7 generating leads and providing information to your customers. Stitched Production takes pride in creating a strategic blueprint in order to assist in developing a lead generating website.

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What we offer

The perfect marketing strategy will be targeted, aggressive and effective. This is our specialty. We help your brand get noticed in all forms of media including Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. It’s time to get caught up with the latest marketing trends to support your business.

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What we offer

A picture is still worth a 1000 words. We help your brand present a very positive visual image both online and off. We specialize in headshot portraits, real estate, automotive, product and corporate photography in South Florida. Don’t worry we have access to photographers all over the world that can help with any project.

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What we offer

First impressions do count. How people remember your brand online and off should leave a deep lasting impression.

Would you purchase from a company with no logo? A logo establishes trust with a prospect that is interested in what you are selling. With the social world always being updated, companies like Target, Walmart, Heinz, Chevron and many more are constantly updating their brand in order to fit with the new generations.

No more excuses. Let’s build your brand.