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Velgen Wheels


Concave Wheels Manufacture

Velgen Wheels manufacture a 1-piece cast wheel line very well known all over the world in the automotive industry. We have worked with Velgen for the past year creating their brand with consistent style photoshoots for all types of cars. Stitched Production has created & divided a 2014 strategy into 4 quarters of the year to help grow their brand. With the main focus of selling wheels, the homepage was designed to incorporate a full screen image gallery that is easily controlled in the content management system we designed.


Along with having a Velgen car and wheel gallery they also wanted to implement a way for customers to have their own gallery so we created a Customer Photo page. This would allow the professional pictures to be in the main streamline and customer style photos to have their own identity on the website. There is no greater feeling then seeing your pride and joy that you work so hard for on the manufactures website.

Take a look at their car gallery and let us know what you think:

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