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Native Learning Center


Non-Profit Website Design

Native Learning Center was in need for a major overhaul with their website presence. The previous website was broken on many pages and did not provide the information responsively. NLC is one of the major non-profit organizations that offer free training to Native Americans and those working within the Indian Country. With this intention the website needed to have a lot of information display quickly and effeciently. The Trainings page show the date/time and category in which they fall in. These free Trainings provide information in order to help people get accustomed to daily life.


Using our responsive web design expertise, the NLC website also involved a Calendar of Events that needed to be optimized to view on smaller screen sizes. We used a full screen page layout that would adjust to the size of the screen. We also added a touch of color to each event based on its category. If the event was in-house to NLC it would be a certain color compared to an online webinar or out of state conference. Our team worked hard to ensure this would help NLC with there offline calendar dimensions that could easily be adjusted online. The staff page was another area we loved the outcome because it was simple and allowed each staff member to be showcased with their picture, bio and contact information.


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