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The Law Office of Jennifer Suarez practices in the area of Family Law which includes divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreement and post judgement. Before starting this legal web & marketing partnership, we were able to speak with Ms. Suarez and establish a unique color palette. When have you ever seen an attorney wear purple? In the legal industry, thinking outside of the box is always forgotten but always stands out.


The Law Office of Jennifer Suarez specializes in eight practice areas which could mean a lot of content to show on a single page. Instead we designed this page to help website users navigate to the specific practice area they are looking for. We used darker shades of purple to show hover effects.

Responsive web design allows us to build a website that provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from smart phones to desktops. Take a peek by resizing the current browser window. Take a look how the website looks on an iPhone!

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