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DLC Construction Group is based in Miami with projects all over South Florida. They are the premiere installers for ICF Block Building and main construction group for several Sunny Isles condominiums. Their services include new construction, architecture, commercial, engineering, remodeling, interior build out and custom additions. When DLC approached Stitched, a Miami web design agency in need for a new website, they brought with them a new logo for rebranding. This would be part of the new website and we included the new palette in there as well. Our goal was to produce a easy to navigate website with users and mobile optimization in mind. The homepage is the landing page for most of their prospective, so keeping it clean with an easy way to get in contact was ideal. We coded the telephone number to be able to click to call right from a mobile device. This will help customers get in contact with DLC immediately.


We used our responsive web design techniques to implement a web design that could capture leads via a call to action graphic and phone number in the header and footer. We used “Get a Quote” on the homepage for maximum exposure. After completing the homepage design, we move along to the projects page, my personal favorite of the website. The projects page has a cool filter feature that adapts to the screen size shows shows boxes or a list for the categories. We did have to use some ninja coding techniques in order to accomplish its stealthiness.

Here are some of the photos from the finished projects:

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