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Do you know SEO? 5 Common Terms Everyone Should Know

do you know seo

1. SEO & SEM:

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the overall practice of marketing your products or services through search engines whether through paid search or organic search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing websites in order to rank organically in search engines.

2. SERP:

A Search Engine Results Page (pretty self explanatory) is the page on which search engines show results for search queries.

3. Backlinks:

Also known as inbound links or incoming links, these are hyperlinks pointing to your website.  In SEO it is common to hear the term “backlink portfoilio”, meaning the overall portfolio of types of links you have acquired coming back to your website.  It’s important your backlink portfolio is natural and diverse in order to achieve rankings. 

4. XML Sitemap:

An XML sitemap is a file on a website that is accessible to both users and crawlers.  This tells search engine bots where and what pages can be found on a website.  It is important that your sitemap is accurate and updated so you can tell search engines to read and crawl all the pages you want them to see on your website.

 5. The Fold:

The fold refers to the section of a website that is available on the screen without scrolling.  Earlier this year, Cutts announced they had multiple user complaints about having to scroll down to find actual content.  He warned that sites that don’t have content “above the fold” may be penalized.  If your site is one that has recently been penalized, having no content above the fold could very well be a reason why.

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