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It’s that time of the year, Heat Nation!

Put on your Heat gear and support your very own Miami Heat.

Here at Stitched Production we take pride in supporting our home team.

Last night the Miami Heat aired their short film “HEAT NATION” for all their fans.

Which Heat Lifer are you?



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Apple reveals iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

We finally get to see the new iPhone 6 from Apple. Now with a twist, Apple launched a larger version from the previous iPhone 5 and includes two versions. Their reason for taking longer than expected in releasing a larger screen was not because of demand but because they engineered a product to be superior to anything...

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Top 5 New Fonts for 2014

With so many technology changes that happened it late 2013, it is time to spice up or redesign your website with some cool new features. Take advantage of our special Responsive Website Design packages going on now. To request a quote, please follow this link. Typography has always...

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Happy Birthday, Mac

Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the Macintosh with the promise to put the creative power of technology in everyone’s hands. It launched a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This 30‑year timeline celebrates some of those pioneers and the profound impact they’ve made.

Happy Birthday Mac!

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How to prepare your iOS 6 device for Apple’s iOS 7 update

Preparation for any major systems upgrade comes in three basic parts: minimize your potential for loss, maximize your opportunity for success, and the carry out the act of upgrading itself. The following will guide you through the first two phases to help ensure the desired outcome if you’re planning on upgrading to Apple’s iOS...

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National Relaxation Day by Stitched Production
National Relaxation Day by Stitched Production

It’s National Relaxation Day! Today we live in a very fast-paced world that is often stressful and overwhelming. National Relaxation Day is all about taking a step back to unwind and decompress. Although a certain amount of stress is normal, too much of it can be harmful to your physical and mental health. Take care...

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The World’s First TV Ad: Featuring Bulova watches


The first TV commercial — the first legal one, at any rate — aired in the U.S. on July 1, 1941. It was a shaky, 10-second spot for Bulova, a watch and jewelry company that had been founded in New York 66 years before.

“America runs on Bulova time,” a voice says, showing a...

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